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Message from the President

An Introductory Message from the President

Makoto Tateishi The Building Center of Japan (BCJ) was established in the midst of Japan’s era of high economic growth. It was a time of extensive research-and-development activities, targeted toward the creation of the technologies needed to support the construction of new cities and new buildings, including high-rise structures. Both the government and the private sector recognized the need for an organization to carry out technical assessments of newly developed construction methods, equipments, and materials. BCJ was established as a specialist organization for this purpose, and also began to serve as a distribution center for building-construction related information.

Since the 1998 amendment of the Building Standard Law, we have become a more diversified organization and have expanded our activities across the entire construction sector as an organization designated and registered by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Our main activities are performance evaluations of building technology, building confirmation and inspections, structural-calculation review, and housing performance evaluations, original evaluation of building techniques, certification of seismic assessment, and CASBEE certification service.

Social and economic conditions have changed dramatically during the 45 years since BCJ was established. There have also been some amazing advances in construction technology during this time. I believe that throughout this period BCJ has consistently met the expectations of industry, academia, and the government, through our role in technology development.

BCJ will continue to meet the challenges of the high goals that we set for ourselves as we work to provide reliable, high-quality services, always putting the client first in our continuing mission to contribute to the advancement of the building-construction sector.

Kimihiro Hashimoto
(Named President : June, 2016)
The Building Center of Japan

The BCJ Mission Statement and Management Policy

BCJ offers reliable services related to building technology, such as third-party evaluation and information services, in order to promote the development of safe, secure and environmentally-friendly buildings.

Based on the abovementioned commitment, and in order to contribute to the public good, we:

  • conduct services fairly and justly, in compliance with the Laws.
  • answer the needs of clients and thereby society; perform continual review of our services in an effort to improve them; and conduct services promptly and appropriately.
  • provide high-quality technical services.
  • secure and foster personnel who have adequate knowledge and qualifications.
  • have a well-organized and efficient management system, operating as a non-profit company.